What we can do for you.


AR & background music selection.

We have developed a mac-based server, the loungetuner, which we could physically install in your venue (hotel, restaurant, bar, lounge club), and which could satisfy all of your background music needs.


We can also customize special playlists for your needs, and provide you with the best Lounge music DJs for parties and events.


Licensing services regarding our amazing elegant lounge and chillhouse music catalog, for labels, sync and advertisement needs.


Music Publishing.

Being partners with Donner Management (Suisa, STIM) and its wide selection of sub-publishers, we are sure we can well-represent your productions all over the World.

Please get in touch for more info.




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Regular Rates.


1. Lounge from 120 CHF/hr*

2. Chill from 100CHF/hr*

3. Deep from 70 CHF/hr*

4. Tech from 80 CHF/hr*


Mixing from 120 CHF/hr*

Mastering from 120 CHF/hr*

Pre-production from 120 CHF/hr*
Video-making from 120 CHF/hr*


Discounts are available for multiple days.